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Why do I need Antivirus software?

The more the computers will be in existence, whether the computers are connected to the internet or not, always there will be needed of a strong antivirus software program. there will not be a time when youths finding a thrill or a hardened cybercriminals looking to exploit billion dollars company, will be stop to find ways to commit fraud, cause widespread damage, or just for the experience for breaking into the computer.
Antivirus software is an important software program developed for devices computers and mobile phones to help and prevent such cyber attach including spywares, malwares, and ransom ware attacks. Not every type of cyber infections can be controlled and prevented with antivirus software program, but it could be major tool when trying to prevent UN-authorized access cyber activities.

Although it doesn’t mean every trespass into computer is meant to create problems and damage or steal valuable computer information from the system, but it also doesn’t meant that the virus trespass attack is not dangerous. All intrusion and trespass into computer exploit what is called as vulnerability, or a weakness in the operating system of a computer or due to outdated operating system or other third party software programs that could act as an access point for the attackers. One the innocuous of a trespass exploits vulnerability; it basically transfers the signals to others that this pc has been compromised. That opens the doors with the help of computer Ip address ( for the wide much worse attack.
Customer while buying the antivirus software program make sure keeping in mind to purchase a trusted & branded well known antivirus subscription based program. This is very important as the manufacturers of this type of Antivirus Program will be able to keep protect the computer systems with real time security updates that prevents the latest threats.


How antivirus software program protects against?

A Antivirus software protection is not just the program to block the computer viruses, as the name can apply. (Many peoples and customers think that all trespass and computer intrusions are called viruses, but that is not complete knowledge about the viruses.
For example here is a list of Antivirus Program that provides you the security and protection for your computer with data on it:
Antivirus: starting computer with the Antivirus software program will protect against computer viruses & threats or major virus attacks that mean to damage a computer


Root kit protection: the Antivirus security provides you the complete protection for the root kits which is embedded deep inside the computer in order to mask other malware, from establishing in a computer
Bot protection by Antivirus:this security feature alerts the subscriber when any cyber criminal trying to attempt the connectivity with the computer remotely to use as a source for criminal activities related to banking, debit credit card details or other spamming crimes.
Trojan horses:: an Antivirus software program cannot prevent and stop a person from being thinking that a desired downloaded program or application is legitimate or not. However the Good Antivirus Program can warn the subscribers when viruses or malwares are detected within a Trojan horse file.

Spywares:An Antivirus program can detect and provide information’s when a computer has been infected with spywares, or any software that meant to collect computer information’s or steals data of usage, even when the source came from legitimate reputable source.

Messaging protection:users are not aware about the infected emails or instant messages while operating or opening the email accounts on the computer. When these messages or email contains dangerous attachments or fraudulent links. Than antivirus software program can warn the users about these threats hence instant messaging security is important today.

The Antivirus Software program also comes with tremendous sort of recovery tools. (If any antivirus claims to be a fallible security program they are laying) the Antivirus recovery system helps the computer for any malware threats that passed through its defenses.

Also it doesn’t mean that computer systems can be infected by viruses and attacked from the internet. Threats infections can be spread via portable storage drives. For instance when a person connected his storage drives with the computer available in library and then brings it home and connects with the computer with no internet connectivity, and receives some kind of malware and infections in this way.

Other techniques to prevent computer viruses


An Antivirus Software Program plays an important role for keeping a computer free from malware and other security threats; there are still many other things that a computer user can do to keep their computer as clean as possible.

Keep computer software’s up-to-date: computer operating system and other software’s are one of the key points in which cybercriminals attempts to exploit vulnerability for remote computers. however the operating systems and other software producers constantly updates their software are for free for the protections of the users, normally these updates are free and can be scheduled for automatic updates.

Practice safe internet browsing: there are many other several ways that cybercriminals can use to insert the malware onto computers and many of these methods involves accepting the offending software freely. Users must open the links and attachments carefully if it is not recognized or come from un-known sources.

Computer users should never discuss and provides their confidential information with others while dealing face to face or on the internet even if it appears to come from an administrator. Always use strong password on regular basis and change the password periodically for better security and protection of your information’s. These security tips along with the Antivirus security program give the computer user a much better protection against the cybercriminals.